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Panasonic takes pride in being one of the world's premier electronics manufacturers. Not only do they make the DVD players, televisions and dozens of other consumer electronics products enjoyed by millions, but they are also a supplier of electronics components. From tiny semiconductors, to DVD-ROM drives for PCs, to flat screen plasma TV displays, Panasonic engineers are always pushing the technological envelope. In fact, many companies use our high-volume, high-speed manufacturing expertise and know-how to create even better products, just one more way Panasonic enhances lifestyles around the world.


Sony invented many of the essentials of home theater, including Compact Disc and DVD. Their award-winning FD Trinitron ® WEGA® television is the gold standard in picture quality. Their Plasma WEGA™ and Grand WEGA ™ televisions have won rave reviews. And Sony leads the industry in both A/V receivers and packaged home theaters systems. At Sony, they feel that home theater is an exciting, dynamic field with new concepts and new products coming out all the time.


The real point of all audio equipment for the home is obviously enjoyment — of lifelike, involving sound from music and movies. Some of the fun in buying audio components is deciding (and swapping views on) just how lifelike their sound really is. NAD takes as much pleasure in that as anybody else, but they never lose sight of the central aim of enjoyment. And the three qualities they feel are central to creating it are performance, value, and simplicity.


ONKYO is an organization consisting of people unsurpassed in the love of sound. They love their work, and that makes them perfectionists. They won't settle for second best. They strive to complete what we have started. That's the ONKYO spirit. For the past half-century ONKYO components have been recognized as uncommonly musical among those who are truly fanatical about their music. Their aim for the next century is further refinement of their advanced music reproduction technology in order to create a new ONKYO that will become a more familiar name to people throughout the world.


Velodyne Acoustics is the industry leader in loudspeaker styling, performance, and value. Since the company's inception in 1983, Velodyne has been acclaimed by industry experts, audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts for its innovative designs, close tolerance manufacturing and exceptional performance. Today, Velodyne applies a "Total System Design" philosophy that is inherent in every Velodyne product. This unique holistic approach to loudspeaker design is a result of the marriage of "Silicon Valley" technological innovation with close-tolerance manufacturing techniques to develop and produce the finest sound reproducing systems in the world.


For over 25 years, Panamax has specialized in producing the most innovative surge suppression products available to protect home and small business electronics equipment from damage caused by power surges and lighting. The company’s extensive line of award-winning surge protectors is designed to safeguard a wide array of electrical equipment including computers, telephone systems, copiers, domestic appliances, home theaters and direct broadcast satellite systems. Panamax is ISO 9001 certified. Panamax markets its line of surge protectors throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. The company has earned numerous awards, and is backed by outstanding customer service and the best warranties the industry has to offer.


One of the world's largest color television manufacturers and recognized for its expertise in technological innovation, Philips is a leader in the development and market and flat TV; Optical Disc products including DVD recorders and Super Audio CD; digital television systems and Internet connected devices such as Internet audio systems. Philips is among the leading suppliers of DVD players in the world and is a leader in the PC monitors market. Philips also incorporates activities in the area of personal communication products including cellular phones and Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephones (DECT) as well as in the PC peripherals domain, such as DVD+RW data drives, PC cameras and LCD projectors. Philips markets an attractive range of portable audio products and accessories aimed at the lifestyle of today’s youngsters.


As a leader and innovator in the consumer electronics industry, Toshiba manufactures products that consistently receive prestigious awards for technology, design and advanced feature sets. A recipient of an Emmy Award for their pioneering role in the development of DVD technology, Toshiba continues to enhance and improve the DVD format. Toshiba was the first DVD manufacturer to announce and market the image-enhancing benefits of ColorStream PRO® progressive scan video.


JVC Company of America is currently marketing products in the following categories: Digital Video Camcorders, VHS-C Camcorders, Digital Still Cameras, Super VHS VCR’s, VHS VCR’s, DVD’s, Satellite Systems, Color Televisions, Home Audio Components and Systems, Personal Audio Systems, Mobile Entertainment Products and Recording Media. JVC is creating new business opportunities by strengthening its lineup of high-value-added products that incorporate digital technology.

Newcastle Sherwood

Founded in 1953, Sherwood is a prime manufacturer of home audio products with a reputation for both high-performance and value. It is a world leader in product innovation and engineering advancement in the areas of home audio systems. Sherwood America, Inc. is now part of the Haitai Group, one of the world's leading multimedia, autosound, and home electronics companies


Established in 1969, Xantech Corporation designs and manufactures high quality Residential and Commercial A/V Distribution and Control Systems and Component Products. Since 1969, over one million of these systems have been installed worldwide. The Xantech product line includes Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Audio/Video Systems, Multi-Zone, Multi-Source Pre-amplifiers, Multi-Channel Audio Amplifiers, Infrared Receivers, Remote Control Switchers, Interface Modules, IR Connecting Blocks, IR Emitters, Volume Controls and IR Accessories.

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